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Baiting and Hunting Regulations By State

Baiting and Hunting Regulations By State


Be sure to check your game laws and regulations where you are considering baiting or using BoonerBait™

  • Alabama: Not legal to hunt over bait, it must be 100 hundred yards away from hunter and out of line of sight.
  • Arizona: Not legal to hunt over bait.
  • Arkansas: Hunters may bait on private land but not WMA’s.
  • Colorado: Not legal to bait in Colorado.
  • Connecticut: Check state regulations certain zones have different laws.
  • Delaware: Baiting is lawful while hunting only on private owned land.
  • Florida: Check state regulations.
  • Georgia: Legal in Southern zone. Check state regulations for your county.
  • Idaho: Baiting deer not legal.
  • Illinois:Not legal to bait deer.
  • Indiana: Not legal to hunt over bait it must be removed 10 days before hunting.
  • Iowa: Not legal to bait during season.
  • Kansas: It is legal to hunt over bait in Kansas except on public hunting ground. You can hunt 10 days after removing it on public ground. You may bait put out BoonerBait year round.
  • Kentucky: You may bait year round except on WMA’s.
  • Louisiana: Not legal on WMA’s check regulations.
  • Maine: Not legal to bait from September-December during open deer season.
  • Maryland: Legal to bait except state properties or areas prohibited due to CWD.
  • Michigan:Check Michigans state hunting regulations.
  • Minnesota: Has to be removed 10 days before hunting.
  • Missouri: Check Missouri’s regulations.
  • Montana: Not legal.
  • Nebraska: Check regulations
  • Nevada: Not legal for the purpose of hunting.
  • New Hampshire: Check regulations.
  • New Jersey: Baiting is allowed year round.
  • New Mexico: Check state regulations.
  • New York: Not legal to bait.
  • North Carolina: Legal to feed deer year round except on game land.
  • North Dakota: Check regulations.
  • Ohio: Check Regulations
  • Oklahoma: Check Regulations.
  • Oregon: Check regulations.
  • Pennsylvania: Check regulations.
  • Rhode Island: Check regulations.
  • South Carolina: Check regulations.
  • South Dakota: Check regulations.
  • Tennessee: Check regulations.
  • Texas: Legal to bait deer on private property.
  • Utah: No regulations.
  • Vermont: Baiting deer illegal during hunting season.
  • Virginia: Check regulations.
  • Washington: No baiting restrictions.
  • West Virginia: Check regulations.
  • Wisconsin: Check regulations.
  • Wyoming: Check regulations.