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Georgia Approves Baiting Deer Statewide

August 18, 2018 by

buck-eating-deer-baitWell a new law has been passed making baiting deer in northern zone of Georgia legal. This will be a big change for hunters in the northern zone who haven't been able to bait deer in years past.

Baiting Deer

I am happy for my fellow hunters in the northern zone, that is the zone I grew up hunting in so it holds a special place in my heart. It will be interesting to see how it affects all the hunters and see some of the results it produces. I bet there are going to be some big boys coming from the northern zone this year. I have many friends who hunt in the northern zone of Georgia and it will be cool to hear their thoughts on it as the season progresses.deer-eating-booner-bait

Baiting deer is a somewhat controversial issue and everyone has their own opinion on it. I for one can't understand why baiting deer has been legal in the southern zone but not in the northern zone. I grew up hunting in Georgia and was never exposed to baiting deer until a job transfer took me to Kansas for six years and it was legal to bait deer there. At first it was weird but it now is something I don't have a problem with as long as people follow the laws and it doesn't cause any diseases. It made it easier for me because I was working long hours and didn't have the time or resources to plant food plots. So I was able to put up stand locations and trail cameras and keep them baited and hunt accordingly. Even though we were able to bait you still had to hunt with the wind in your favor and hunt smart. I actually killed my biggest buck to date hunting over bait in Kansas and I had been feeding that deer for three years and was able to watch him grow.

I am glad the Georgia senate passed baiting deer in the northern zone and wish all those hunters the best of luck this season weather they decide to use bait or not.

How do you feel about baiting deer? I would like to hear your feedback? No pun intended.

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