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Booner Bait

Booner Bait

April 30, 2017 by

When we first started field testing Booner Bait in northeast Kansas several years ago I was amazed at how many bucks were showing up on my trail cameras where I had put out the Booner Bait. I knew this stuff was awesome when we started getting trail camera pictures of what we believe would have been a Kansas state record typical with a bow.

I eventually filmed my buddy shooting that special buck we called "Horn Donkey" the first day we hunted him , and guess what he was coming to? That's right, Booner Bait. You can check out the video of this Kansas monster whitetail buck.

I personally in the spring of 2014 started feeding the whitetails Booner Bait on the northeast Kansas farm where I bow hunted and started getting trail camera pictures of a mature whitetail buck that I had been watching for several years. Over that summer while feeding him Booner Bait I was able to watch him grow into a nice 18 point non-typical and was able to kill him the very first morning I hunted him. He was standing in a big pile of Booner Bait when I shot him. He is my biggest whitetail I have ever taken in 36 years of deer hunting.

The Booner Bait dream was conceived while I was living on a farm in northeast Kansas. Now we have made that dream a reality and we're really pumped about our product. We hope you will give it a try and see for yourself how well it works at not only bringing the deer in on your property, but holding them and helping the overall health of your deer herd.

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