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Booner Bait - Supplemental Deer Feed Attractant

Booner Bait is a high quality supplemental deer food/attractant that was developed after 6 years of testing by an avid group of deer hunters, right smack in the middle of big buck country in the heartland of Kansas, to not only attract deer, but also provide high quality nutrition to keep the deer coming back for more and to help them grow their antlers to their full potential and to hold them on your property year round.

Who is Booner Bait?

Who is Booner Bait?

We are family owned and a group of avid deer hunters who believe in hard work and hard play and spending time outdoors with family and friends. Our goal is to provide a high quality supplemental deer feed/attractant that not only will attract deer but also provide quality nutrition to help you see more deer and grow a healthier deer herd and help your property hold more deer year round.

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